Food is one of the five elements which are crucial for obtaining energy and being alive. Well, somehow through time, food has changed its role from giving us energy to something that requires a lot of energy to be digested.

The real reason for that is the quality of the food we consume, which is poor. All of the junk food, greasy and sugary foods are more harmful to our body than beneficial.

However, many people will choose it because it costs less than buying organic food which will cost three times more.

But we have to stop and ask ourselves if it is worth risking our health and saving money instead?

The experiment and results that we will elaborate here will show you the major effects eating organic food has on our body.

Scientifically proven facts that eating organic food reduces the pesticide levels in our body

An experiment made by Coop, a Swedish supermarket chain, challenged a Swedish family to switch from eating conventionally grown and produced food to going completely organic for two weeks. The study was monitored by The Swedish Environmental Research Institute in order to see how the diet impacted every family member and the results were truly astonishing.

Before the study, all the members of the family had many pesticides in their urine which disappeared after the two weeks of eating organic food. Doesn’t that inspire you to start eating organic?

The experiment is not the only proof that eating organic food can change your health and life. There was also a similar recent research, conducted by the researchers from RMIT university, which was later published in the journal Environmental Research, which has found out that eating organic food for just a week reduces pesticide exposure in adults for about 90 %.

The well known assistant professor in the School of Allied Health Sciences Department of Community and Environmental Health at Boise State university, has also shown that individuals who eat organic food had lower pesticide exposure than those who eat conventionally grown products.

Her study was published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives and it only confirms the results of the previous two.

Why should you choose organic food and what are the long term benefits of going organic

Many of us will find the results of the studies worthy to make a change in our diet, however we will doubt because organic food costs way higher than conventional food.

For all of those who are skeptical, I would recommend that sometimes illness is better to be prevented than cured after it settles deep in our body.

The food and illness relationship is quite tight and everything we choose now has an effect on our future health. For that reason, I would like to ask you something: “ Is it better to pay some extra money now, or wait and pay double for medications later?” Well, it is yours to choose.

All you have to do is try

You can try the experiment yourself, by having a health check and after two weeks of eating only healthy, fresh and organic food, have another one.

You will feel the difference instantly, not only typed on the piece of paper with the results from the check up on it, but also there will be changes in your appearance, shinier hair, whiter teeth, glowing skin, stronger nails etc.

Once you experience that, the two weeks will definitely be prolonged and you will buy and eat organic food.