How to be sexy is a tough question, since sex appeal is subjective, but thanks to this great post from Alex Fox of Loveawake dating service read some science-backed tips and simple actions that’ll give you a noticeable sexy boost. I hope you learn more and enjoy the reading as we did.

Eat Right & Exercise Regularly

Avoid processed foods and hit the gym. Period. There’s no need to think about it, talk about it or whine about it. Exercise itself is a huge and immediate endorphin rush, which increases libido. Long-term physical effects of working out include: improved flexibility, greater stamina, faster response and more acute physical sensations. Also, it gives you a sense of well-being and confidence regardless of your pant size. When you feel strong it shows and people respond to strength and confidence. Once you get moving, your body will begin to enjoy and crave the activity. Without the junk food, healthy options actually start to taste better… I promise!

I highly recommend cutting out flour and sugar as they are inflammatory agents. They dull your senses, your taste buds and the luster of your skin. It’s a difficult program to follow but the benefits are huge. For some perspective on this matter, visit

Drink lots of water!

Lubrication? Enough said.

Try CBD Lube to boost intimacy, enhance pleasure, and extend sexual interactions.

Reevaluate your “Personal Massager” use
Use one regularly? All that… um… mechanization might speed up the process but it’s also desensitizing you to the slow, sensual movements you could be enjoying. Is this a place you want efficiency? Is this a place you want to be numb? Take two weeks off from it and see what happens!

Never used one? Welly welly welly well! You are missing out. Do some research online if you’re too timid to visit the store, find one that works for you and see what you can learn about your body.

Carry Condoms

There is something empowering about knowing that no matter what you shenanigans you get into, you are protected.

Always Look Your Best

You can tell a lot about how a person feels by how they look. The flip-side of that is the power that dressing nicely and putting on a dab of moisturizer and makeup can have on your confidence during a crummy day. Make it a habit to look your best, whatever that involves, in every circumstance. It’s a marker of a classy lady with self-respect to spare.

Cuddle a Baby

Nuzzling a baby has two effects. First, the affection and protective nurturing triggers an avalanche of comforting and relaxing endorphins. Why does this matter? Happiness is sexy. Now, as you hold the baby in your lap, take a big whiff of that top-of-head baby smell. Smells good right? That’s because that is a pheromonal sweet-spot. According to The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine, PhD, these pheromones trigger your body’s own innate desire to copulate. It isn’t called Baby Lust for nothing.

Wear that sexy underwear you’ve saved for a special occasion… Today
You know that fancy lingerie set you’re saving for your next hot date? Get it out and put it to work under outfit right now. Sexy underwear is for YOU to enjoy, that’s why it goes underneath the clothes where only you can feel it. Why are you saving it for someone else?

Don’t have sexy underwear? Maybe that’s why you’re not feeling very sexy!  In the book “Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Girl Sex” by Barbara Keesling, PhD, challenges readers to ditch anything they would not want to be seen in by their Ultimate Hollywood Hearthrob. Toss the crummy “laundry day” underwear  and get something that makes you feel sexy every day. It doesn’t have to be a thong or g-strong. If a brand-new granny panties make you feel sexy, wear them. Feeling that little shimmy of silk, or a bare butt check against your slacks, is invigorating. It’s a secret that only you (and maybe that special someone) know which helps with #4.

Attend to Your Walk

How do you walk? Whatever body part with which you lead while in motion, that’s the body part of which you are most aware. Keesling also recommends video taping how you walk, or watching it in the mirror, to get an idea of how it looks. Men and women universally find a sashaying walk sexyand powerful: lead with the pelvis, walk at a moderate pace to let your pheromones circulate and everyone that matters to catch a glance and see what happens. That mousy “I’ve got places to be” or shuffling “Dear God, I hope noone notices me” might be impairing your sexy aura.

Think Dirty Thoughts

Walking with your pelvis invigorates blood flow and consciousness to that body part. If you’re thinking about your pelvis, you’re more inclined to think about sex and there is nothing sexier than a woman with a healthy imagination.

Looking for inspiration? The gym is the best place (Home Depot and sporting events are two more fantastic options), as it is typically full of men and sweat and manly pheromones. If you take the time to fantasize, even the most handsome men are less intimidating. You’ve already seen them naked, what is there to be afraid of?

Try on your Sexy Voice

Find a quiet place, lie down, take a deep breath, place your hand on your diaphragm (about the same place CPR is performed, below the breasts but within the ribcage) and begin breathing deeply. This will relax your whole body and mind – it also opens up your heart chakra. When you’re ready, focus all your energy on this point and practice speaking at different pitches until you feel you’ve hit the right spot.

For great instructions on how to find this voice, please read “Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Girl Sex” by Barbara Keesling.

Soap Up Sexily

Starting your day with a shower is the best way to get in touch with your body and feeling sexy is all about being in touch with your body. Start at the top and work your way down, slowly. Use lots of soap so things are slick and sensual. Take the time to the let the heat soak in deep and allow your skin to perk up to your own touch. Move slowly, this isn’t a race. If it’s been a while since you spent time on your own person, it might turn out to be an emotional experience. Just be open to it and see what happens.

You will never look at soap the same way again. But really? Shame on you for looking at it any other way…

I also recommend sharing this experience with your significant other from time to time.

Eat a Strawberry… slowly.

This is the simplest thing you can do to bring all of your focus on to your present experience. Strawberries are juicy, sensuous and sweet. Take a deep breath, enjoy its aroma, and treat it like it’s the last one you may ever eat. Nice and slow.