Well tea lovers, we have some great news for you. Stop feeling teabag guilty and start using the already used teabags. How? It’s easy. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions of how to reuse teabags.

11 Clever Ways For Reusing Teabags

1. Hair Rinse – Try this in your next shower: scrub your scalp with your favorite tea that was cooled for at least an hour. Wash your hair gently and dry it. You will notice how the dandruff is stopped and your hair has a beautiful shine. If you try this once you will definitely do it again!

2. Sore Gums– If you feel that your gums trouble you, simply put teabags in your mouth lake gauze pads to ease the pain. Teabags will reduce the bleeding and swelling of gums. Very soon you will feel relief from the pain and restore your pain free mouth.

3. Ease Minor Burns – Very often people get burned while cooking and usually get mistakes whet they try to cool the burned place. The best solution is to put a cooled teabag on the burned spot and you will immediately feel better. Teabags contain tannins which help soothing the inflammation that was created by high heat.

4. Relieves Sunburn – It’s the same process like burns from cooking, simply press a cooled bag of tea to the skin, but this time you should use black tea since it contains an acid that soothes the heat from sunburns.

5. Rejuvenate Tired-Looking Eyes – Replace your coffee with some black tea and then use the teabags to restore the beauty of your skin. The calming effect of tannins in the tea will help you to rejuvenate your tired-looking eyes, simply rub the bags around your eyes and you will be surprised by the result!

6. Grow Beautiful Roses– You roses can be magnificent by using this simple trick: place tea leaves or a bag around the soil of the plant. The tannins can reduce the pH levels of soil thus preventing fungus from emerging around the base of the rose. Your roses will be more beautiful than ever after this.

7. Remove Odors from Hands– No matter how hard you try to wash your hands with soap after chopping garlic or onion, the smell lingers in the hands. The simple trick to remove the odor is washing your hands with teabags.

8. Warts– An easy way to get rid of wards is using green teabags. Green tea has antioxidants that can stop warts from enlarging and help the wart to come off in a few days. It’s very easy to achieve this-put a cooled teabag on the wart and secure it with a bandage or medicine tape. The teabag should be replaced after fifteen minutes and you should repeat this several times a day. The result is wart free.

9. Freshen Up Smelly Shoes– Teabag can also help you remove the odor from smelly shoes. Simply put a dry teabag in the shoe and it will absorb any nasty scent. You don’t have to buy new shoes if they become smelly again, simply repeat this trick.

10. Clean Dishes– You forgot to clean the dishes and now they are grimy? Don’t freak out, there is an easy way how to clean the grease. Simply soak the dishes overnight with a couple of teabags and this will ease the scrubbing next morning.

11. Remove Water Stains from Mirrors– Bathroom mirrors often get very dirty since they are in the splash zone from face-washing to teeth brushing. However, it’s easy to get shining bathroom mirror simply by cleaning them with teabags. Brew a few tea bags and soak your rug with it and wipe the mirror. It will be shiny againg.