Your posture is a very important part of how you present yourself. Your posture speaks a lot about you, your confidence, your determination and also affects how people perceive your body language. In case that you too are stricken with the case of round shoulders, a slightly slouched back, a posture that resembles you standing over a desk, then this should be the time you take a call.

How does bad posture affect you?

Other than your all over presence, your bad posture can negatively affect your health as well as arouse issues with your self esteem and emotional well being. But it does not have to be this way.

You can always correct your posture and eradicate the chances of pack and neck pain, poor self esteem and positively influence your body language, all with the help of a simple technology, such as the Foam Roller.

You are a stretch away from good posture:

According to leading personal trainers and other fitness professionals, the best thing you can do to improve your posture is buy a foam roller and use it every single night for a few minutes. All you got to do is keep it on a firm surface, such as your floor or and lie on it for just a few minutes.

The Foam Roller is aimed towards establishing maximum outcome from minimum effort. The easy to use factor makes it a hit with even the most exercise phobic individuals.

How to use the Foam Roller?

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For people who have not got the faintest idea of how to use a foam roller here is a quick step by step illustration.

  • Once you have the foam roller with you, place it on you carpet or yoga mat horizontally.
  • Now place your body on the length of the Foam Roller (horizontally) so that your head and neck is rested at one end of the roller and your hips are at the bottom end of the roller.
  • Fold your legs at the knee and make sure that both your knees and your heels (firmly placed on the ground) are a few inches apart from each other.
  • This position restricts your back from arching, keeping it in a neutral position, which eliminates any chance of discomfort or pain in the process.
  • The position also saves your from the effort of pushing your lower back inward, towards the foam roller.
  • Follow your now stable position with an arm stretch. Place both your arms on the side, several inches away from the roller or your body, allowing the shoulders to take their own time to adjust with the position.
  • Once comfortable with the position, you can now start pushing things up by a notch.
  • Let your chest stretch. You can also put your arms in an upward position, taking them above and beyond your head and the upper end of the foam roller, stretching the chest muscles further.

Stay in each position for at least a couple of minutes to maximise the effects of the same. Who knew lying down could help you correct your posture such brilliantly. If you too have a slouchy posture, correct it now with a Foam Roller.