Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the hands, feet or ears. Forms of foot and hand therapy have been practiced in China and Egypt for thousands of years. Evidence shows reflexology dates back as early as 4,000 B.C. It is even said to be documented on the walls of some ancient Egyptian tombs.

Modern reflexologists follow in predecessors’ footsteps. They also believe that these areas and reflex points do correspond to different organs and systems in the human body. They say, by pressing them you can bring about a beneficial calming effect in them.

This “palm therapy” is based on zones in the hands that are connected to all the major organs in your body. Although the majority of people regard tranquillizing drugs as their chief therapeutic weapon, we consider the palm therapy a natural and safe way for bringing relief to your aching body. When a trained practitioner uses thumbs or fingers to apply appropriate pressure, this force works to restore an organ’s proper functioning.

Researched benefits of the therapeutic palm technique

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, depression, migraines, headaches, and other disorders.
  • Increased blood flow (that is circulation) to the specific targeted organs.
  • Improved fine motor skills in patients with brain damage.
  • Improved quality of life for cancer and AIDS patients.
  • Improved kidney function.
  • Nervous system stimulation.
  • Feeling of relaxation.
  • Faster removal of toxins.
  • Speeded recuperation of post-surgery patients.
  • Relief of symptoms: PMS, sinusitis, asthma, diabetes…

It is more than simple to implement this therapeutic technique! Here’s how you practice it:

1.Use the chart to find the spot on your hand that correlates with the area in dire need of relief.

2. Using your thumb apply pressure directly to the area. You can also use circular motions while applying pressure. Feel free to use massage oil, but it is not necessary.

2. Continue applying pressure for 30 seconds up to 1 full minute, and then you can move along to the next problem area.

3. Or if you just want to focus on one spot, release pressure for 5 seconds and re-apply.

4. Repeat as often as you like or need. After one week’s time of practice results should become more and more noticeable.

5. While this technique is not used to diagnose or completely cure health disorders, millions of people around the world are already using it daily to complement other forms of treatment of diseases and medical conditions.

Please remember: This is a general guide for informational purposes only. If you would like to receive full benefits from this treatment, we recommend consulting a professional reflexology therapist in your area.