Purslane-It’s Unrecognized Health-Boosting Wonder Plant!

Nature is rich when it comes to immune system- boosting foods, moreover, we have become so ambitious to find the ingredient that is versatile enough to ‘fix’ us. Most of the time we have too many ingredients on the list that make the schedule (of how these ingredients should be taken) real tough to follow and we tend to make sure we don’t omit something.

Purslane is all around you – everywhere at your feet! You may recognize it by its tiny yellow flowers and attractive dark green leaves that are both edible. Purslane or portulaca oleracea is also known as pigweed, verdolaga, red root, common purslane, pursley, fatweed, wild portulaca. This plant grows in North America. And yes, you’ve heard right, but its use hasn’t become popular yet! However, it’s a pity since this ‘neglected plant’ has wondrous nutritional values.

The purslane is the new favourite, A MUST ingredient. Finally, if you were looking for that one almighty ‘ingredient’ with multiple properties, purslane is something that is everywhere – so cheap and accessible that you cannot imagine. You can combine purslanes in your salads, smoothies curry dishes, soups, juices and etc. The stem and the flower are edible as well. But wait, many of you will wonder what purslane is!?

It has unique lemon taste and thick, crunchy leaves. Use this ingredient if you want to make creamy soups and stews, since it contains pectin that has this thickening property. Now, think twice if you were about to remove it from your garden. No matter what, you can combine this plant the way you choose and you will fall in love with its taste – fresh in salad, fried or stewed. For example:

  • In Mexico and California, the purslane is combined with pork and tomatillos.
  • At the Ferry Plaza Farmers, the owner of Rancho Gordo New World Speciality Food in Napa, Steve Sando puts a few stems in his big carnitas and tomatillo tamal.
  • In Turkey it is mixed with garlicky yoghurt or mixed with ripe tomato salads.
  • Also, you can carefully trim the roots with a sharp knife and cook it on low temperature in order to avoid losing the most of the nutrients, and then serve it as a side dish with fish.
  • In South Indian region, purslanes are combined with curry dishes, rice, or with some other green vegetables, like spinach.

What are the benefits of Purslane?

  1. Purslane is a Strong Antioxidant

This is the most amazing property of the purslane. It has all the essential vitamins – vitamin C, A, B-complex (pyridoxine), riboflavin, niacin, magnesium, iron, calcium. Also, this plant contains antioxidants and anti-mutagens – betalain and alkaloid pigments, which makes Purslane anticancer, too.

  1. Purslane against Gastrointestinal Ailments:

 And while some of us here in America don’t know what purslane is, Chinese people treat range of conditions with purslane such as diarrhea, intestinal bleeding, hemorrhoids and dysentery. It is because of some organic compounds in the purslane (dopamine, malic acid, citric acid, glucose and etc) that this plant is extraordinarily beneficial.

  1. Purslane contains Omega Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are necessary for all ages, however, child development highly depends on these acids to prevent autism, ADHD, and other abnormalities characteristic for children. Fatty acids are never enough for the adults too, as they have a key role in keeping the heart, cholesterol, blood pressure, immune system, muscular system and brain functions under control.

  1. Promotes heart health

We already mentioned this, however this fact about purslanes and its amounts of fatty acids and potassium should stand out, since it does promote the work of the whole cardiovascular system, including the blood vessels.

  1. Lose Weight Aid

The busy lifestyles did not only imposed stress on us, but kilograms as well. Few pounds are nothing to worry about, however I don’t mean that. If you are overweight this nutrient is full with fiber. Actually, fiber satisfies the hunger, and you can count the calories-since it is low in calories. Not only it satisfies the hunger, but you will actually feel full so you can say ‘stop’ to food cravings.

  1. Purslane treats skin disorders:

The abundance of vitamins in this plant is in charge of solving the problems with the skin. The plenty amount of vitamin A combines itself with enzymes that treat inflammation as a result of bee stings or snake bites, however a regular treatment rejuvenates the skin and maintains a younger look, treats scars and removes the old cells. 

  1. Purslane fights Osteoporosis:

Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese and far more minerals are required when we fight osteoporosis or when we want to strengthen the bones. These elements regenerate the bones tissues and prevents osteoporosis – an ailment that affects a million people in their middle ages.  

  1. Purslane Betters Circulation:

Often, the problem with blood circulation comes with the age. The purslane will help you in a way that it brings the necessary oxygen amount to where it is needed in our bodies. This plant contain element for circulation boost – copper and iron, which regenerate the red blood cells. Red blood cells regeneration is vital for hair growth, organs and tissue healing, or metabolism.

Again, this article tells so little about the extraordinary benefits of this health-boosting plant. You will know much more when you see the results that come as a reward with this plant. Why not start tomorrow?