Are you facing difficulty in getting ridding of termites? Well, if yes then you must be thinking of calling a specialist but before you do that make sure you try some of the home remedies that really help in getting rid of these termites. Termites with wings are the most dangerous ones, the remedies we have gathered can make sure to have no more winged termites near you.

1.      Liquid nitrogen:

Termites cannot survive when the temperature is below 20 degrees. Therefore, you can lower the temperature by using liquid nitrogen and they will all be dead.

2.      Bait:

Another easy way to kill winged termites is that you use boric acid at different bait stations. In such a way you can get rid of the termite existing population. You have to set up the bait station fully with boric acid and as termites are attracted to their station whenever they will get to it, it will kill them.

3.      Wooden mulch:

Termites are attracted mostly to wooden mulch, so, therefore, it is best found that you can destroy it. Make sure that you move it away from your house as far as you can and then termites will not make way to your home in any way.

4.      Soil flooding:

One more remedy is to flood the soil, in such a way you can get done with termites outdoors as well as they won’t find their place and hence will not be able to swim, which will result in drowning.

5.      Insecticides:

You can simply use insecticides to get rid of these, for that reason you need to temporarily empty your house and then spray it wither in liquid form or in form of gas. Once done you have to keep your house closed for a day or two. This makes sure to kill all termites and there are no more to come.

6.      Remove attractors:

You need to get rid of all the attractors of termites, so make sure you get rid of all the rotten wood and mulch. So, they will have to go and find a new home in order to do that they can simply fly far away from your home.

7.      Nematodes:

These act as a parasite which s natural to garden pests. They search for the hosts and then burrow into it. What Nematodes do is that they target termite larvae which actually finishes off the population with time and help in order to lessen the species.


Termites are a danger to your house and can cause a lot of money if not treated timely. So, you need to make sure that you work on it properly in order to get rid of them in time. If you wait for too long and see that your home remedies are not working out well then to get rid of termites with wings it is essential to call in specialized people. They can help you in various ways.