Snoring is a common issue among the worldwide population. People try many different ways to stop storing, but only a few of them really work. What is more, everybody is special. What works for Pete, doesn’t work for Jenna. Yes, you read it well, both men and women snore, and that is completely okay. What is not okay is ignoring the fact that you snore, or simply give up the efforts to cure it. We are presenting you some home remedies that cure snoring. These remedies take minimal effort but can do a miracle. You already have many of the ingredients we are about to suggest, which is great.

1.Green tea does miracles

As you are a snorer, you probably have heard about the obtrusive sleep apnea. This is the most severe degree of snoring, as it produces further negative effects on a snorer’s health. Sleep apnea takes time to get cured, as it takes a lot of time to trigger it. Surgery is one of the options to cure the sleep apnea. However, it doesn’t guarantee that you will be completely cured, while the postoperative period might take more than a month.

Yet, many people don’t know that green tea does miracles when it comes to snoring and sleep apnea. All you need is green tea and the boiling water. Put the tea bag into a boiling water and let it rest for about ten minutes. Drink the tea before going to bed. It will improve your sleep quality and calm snoring.

2.Spicy ginger tea

You know that ginger has a spicy taste. Yet, the key is exactly in the spiciness. Ginger has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. If you caught a cold, ginger tea would cleanse your throat, producing some burning inside. If you feel the burning, keep on consuming the tea until it disappears. Once you don’t feel the burning anymore, that is a sign that you got rid of the bacteria.

On the other side, clean and open throat means – no snoring. As the air passages would be free of inflammation and swelling, there would be more space for the air to come through.
One more thing about the ginger – it produces saliva. Saliva makes your organs lubricated, which prevents dryness. The dry throat will surely produce snoring. This way, it would keep it moisturized.

What do you need?

A peeled and sliced ginger root
2. Honey
3. Boiling water

Put the ginger root in the boiling water and let it simmer for about 10minutes. Then take off the pot and leave the ginger in the water for another 20minutes. This way, the root will let out all its curative properties. Drink in just before you go to bed.

3. Olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil also serves as a lubricant, as it prevents swelling of the throat and the tissue, which causes snoring. Snoring occurs with people with the excess tissue, which is placed at the back of your nose or the throat. Olive oil prevents the airways obstruction, which further prevents snoring. Take one tablespoon of the olive oil before going to bed.

4. DIY nasal spray

If you would want to experiment a bit and make your own snoring cure, then make a nasal spray. Once the nose gets congested, it prevents the air coming through your nose, so you have to breathe through your mouth. Breathe through your mouth and lay on your back – this is a 100% working snoring procedure.

Then allow the spray to cool down and sip it in a bottle. Couple of drops in your nose will open up the nasal passages and prevent mouth snoring.

Change the content of the bottle every 5 days.

These home remedies really seem to work for people who snore. You would maybe make a combination of a few methods. One thing is sure – if it bothers you to apply all these remedies, then you should try with a mouthpiece. Use a no snore mouthpiece and say goodbye to snoring for a lifetime.