Upset with your thin and weak body? Want to build muscle? Then you are on the right place. Here you are about to learn 12 easiest way to pack more muscle faster. You just need to follow the rules that we mention here.   

Proper way

The first and foremost way to build up muscle is to maintain a proper way. If we do things randomly but not systemically, it will cost you a lot. So, in order to gain muscle faster, you have to progress maintaining rules and planning.

Having knowledge on fitness equipment

Know how to use the equipment? If no, then you might get yourself injured during exercise. For example- you don’t have knowledge on the rowing machine. So, while exercise with this you may break the machine or injure yourself.

Focus on regular exercise

Are you regular with your exercise? If no, then you won’t get expected result. Also, your body won’t be in a good shape. And if your answer is yes, then keep it on.

Simply progressing

Start your exercise simply. For this, start with pushups, jogging etc. Then gradually increase the rate of this exercise day by day.

Help of equipment

At first, do your exercise lightly with fitness equipment. Then, day by day go for the hard training.

Monitor your workout

No one is watching you and your doings. You are the one who should monitor your exercise and keep notes of it. So that you can tell if your exercise is working or not. Change working pattern after a few days if you don’t get expected result.


Based on data, we know that an essential part of building up muscles is nutrition.  If we don’t have enough stamina then we won’t be able to perform the exercises properly. 

Restriction on shortcuts

There is no shortcut in any sector of life. So you can’t simply get yourself involved in taking shortcut roots. For example, we can state the magic pills which people think is useful but it has many negative aspects. So these sort of shortcuts must be avoided.

Taking proper rest

One of the most important facts, in this case, is taking enough rest. If one goes through hard exercises but doesn’t take enough rest then the body will react. So rest is very essential.

Drinking enough water

Water is stated as the other name of life. After using the fitness equipment you will lose much water from your body as you will sweat. So drink water as much as you can.

 Contribution of full body

To build more muscle, your hands and legs aren’t enough. The contribution of other body parts is equally essential. Make your full body useful.

Getting enough sleep

After a lot of exercises, sleeping is a must. You should at least take 7 to 8 hours of bed rest in this regards. Otherwise, your body last long.


So, what do you think? Go and perform these exercises stated above and be a muscular and healthy man and lead a happy life. Thanks for reading.