Isn’t it discouraging to lose weight, but still not look attractive? Well, most people deal with the problem of loosen skin after losing weight. However, there are some natural ways of how to improve your appearance, tighten your skin and be summer ready. So, here we elaborate the 10 most effective ways to achieve your goal.

  1. Moisturize your skin

Moisturizing your skin will keep it hydrated and elastic. You should do these both internally by increase the intake of foods rich in vitamin E, and externally, by using plant oils (Wheat Germ, Sunflower, Grape seed or Canola) as natural body lotions. I would also like to recommend Coconut Oil which has amazing antibacterial properties and at the same time makes your skin smooth.

  1. Participate in weight resistance training

The chief science officer for the American Council on Exercise, Cedric Bryant, recommends weight training for tightening your skin. While you are on a calorie restricted diet, it is likely to lose both fat and muscle, and so three days a week of weight resistance training will rebuild your muscles and create a layer of tight muscle under the skin. That way your skin will look tight and healthy.

  1. Get a massage

All types of massages will make your skin glow and look tight because they increase your blood flow. You can also choose a specific massage for some of the more problematic areas, for example an anticellulite massage for your stomach and legs.

  1. Protection from the sun

Take care of your skin by avoiding sun exposure as much as possible or by using protection while sunbathing. Make sure to use natural oils and aloe vera, as lotions afterwards, because the sun will make your skin dry and loosen its elasticity. I also have to mention that tanning beds are in this category and should be avoided as well. Have in mind that you should be precautious even when using pools with chlorinated water, since the chemicals in it will damage your skin cells.

  1. Visualize tight skin

The amazing technique of visualizing your wishes will help you achieve your goal. Many people visualize the way they would like to look and afterwards their body tends to achieve this picture. Many athletes use visualization before their performance or game by going through the whole process in their mind first, which helps their body follow that perfect image. You can visualize yourself with tight skin which will also give you motivation to eat healthy, exercise and take proper care of yourself.

  1. Sea salt scrubs

 You can prepare DIY scrub, or buy an organic and natural one which will improve your circulation make your skin tight afterwards. Use a sea salt scrub daily while showering and also apply some natural oil afterwards to calm your skin.

  1. Exercises for the belly area

One of the most problematic areas for most of us is the belly, so a lot of loosen skin might actually stick to this area. In order to get muscle, improve skin elasticity and tighten the belly, you should do the following exercises: crunches, leg raises, sit ups and pelvic thrusts; only for 15-20 minutes a day.

  1. Increase your water intake

Drinking 8 glasses of water per day will hydrate your skin and make it smoother, tighter and glowing. It wouldn’t cost you a thing and the benefits are truly amazing.

  1. Monitor your weight loss

Any rapid weight loss will lead to saggy skin. It is so because losing weight in a short period of time is a shock for your body and there are consequences. After losing weight you should leave your body to adjust itself to the new weight. Maintain the new weight for a period of time and your skin will eventually adapt to it.

  1. Have patience

Once you are in this situation you have to accept the fact that this happens to everyone who has been on the same journey as you. You should have also have in mind that younger people are more likely to tighten their skin after a rapid weight loss compared to older ones. However, practice the above given 9 tips, never lose hope, accept yourself and love your body!